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About CharGen: AI-Generated D&D Character Art

What is CharGen?

CharGen is a revolutionary platform dedicated to bringing your tabletop RPG and D&D Characters to life, while ensuring they are tailored to you.

We provide an intuitive, user-friendly tool for creating unique D&D character art without the need for extensive AI knowledge, art skills, or fancy prompting techniques.

AI Generated D&D Character Art, in 30 seconds, without any prompting.

Why did we build CharGen?

We built CharGen because we were tired of having to spend hours (or £££) searching for a perfect image for a D&D character, whether it was for D&D One Shot sessions, or for longer lasting campaigns, and it still not being quite right. We wanted to allow everyone to generate D&D Character Art.

We spent countless hours (well into the hundreds) trying to refine the complicated process of AI Image Generation just to generate one D&D character. We had to learn so many prompting techniques, as well as AI generation fundamentals just to generate 1 D&D character. At the end of the process we realized that everyone should be able to generate character art for their D&D and TTRPG campaigns, without needing to be wealthy (to commission artwork), or an AI Prompting Wizard.

In short, we wanted CharGen to be accessible for all.

Our Mission

Our mission is to simplify RPG character art generation, making it accessible, affordable, and enjoyable for every TTRPG player, whether it's for Dungeons & Dragons characters, Cyberpunk RED, Pathfinder, or whatever else you're playing!

We want art for characters to be accessible for all, not to be gatekept by your drawing ability, the amount of cash in your wallet, or in-depth AI knowledge. We strive to enhance the gaming experience by providing an easy-to-use tool for visualizing characters tailored uniquely to you.

We don't want your D&D character art to be limited to "good enough". CharGen was born out of the desire to simplify character image generation, making it accessible, affordable, and enjoyable. We believe that every player and Dungeon Master should have the tools they need to bring their characters to life without the hassle.

About the Founders

CharGen is developed by 2 passionate TTRPG players and tech enthusiasts with a wealth of Engineering knowledge, as well as years of Dungeons & Dragons and TTRPG experience.

CharGen was born out of a desire to simplify the Dungeons and Dragons character art creation process. We have a deep understanding of the gaming community and are committed to enriching the TTRPG experience.

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